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Selection, installation, customization & administration


We are a trusted partner to both marketing agencies (for their clients) and a select group of clients who trust their essential customer data and processes to us. 

For the companies represented below, we have selected, installed, customized and maintained CRM or marketing automation software, either for their own operations or their clients.

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Make sure your software works the way you do.

No CRM or marketing automation package will fit your business perfectly right out of the box. You will have to modify it, even if that just means changing a few field labels.

More often you will have unique business procedures and structures the CRM will need to map to. Plus, you will have legacy data on customers and transactions you will want to import and not lose forever.

Then, a few months after the CRM is installed and operating, you will see new possibilities and customizations you want to make your business run even smoother.

We handle all that for you.

CRM applications we work with regularly:

  • Salesforce

  • ZohoCRM 

  • SugarCRM

  • Hubspot

  • Copper

  • Insightly


Nurturing Prospects Systematically

You know you need regular communication with your prospects and customers to move them through the sales process. Most important, it should be driven by their level of interest in your products and services.

You need a tool that fits your business. It could be Act-on or Hubspot or Agile or any number of applications we work in on a daily basis. We recommend the best one for you and your budget


Customized nurture tracks are essential. They will keep your name in front of your prospects at appropriate intervals...based on their level of interest, not yours. We design, configure and maintain these nurture tracks for you while you handle the hot prospects.

A sample of the marketing automation applications we know well:

  • Agile

  • Pardot

  • Act-On

  • Hubspot

  • SharpSpring


Customer Relationship Management

Puzzled by the wide array of choices for CRM software? 


You want the best option for your sales environment, not what a CRM company wants to sell you. We start with your sales process, deal structures, and company organization so you get a tool which matches how you do business.


You receive a concise report of the three best options for your business (even though we look at a far greater number than that!), including estimates of the full cost of installation and annual operation.


We are independent of all software manufacturers and receive no commissions based on our recommendation; we are only looking for what will best serve your needs.



First, we listen carefully and adjust to your situation.

If you have the need for a structured assessment and recommendation for CRM technology, we have a package program which is economical and can likely be adjusted to fit your needs.

If you need your CRM or marketing automation software customized to your firm's business processes, we can design an implementation which will fit your budget.

We are not the cheapest services you can buy, but we are a small firm and keep our overhead low so everything you pay goes directly into producing results!



In the Northwest we all know it all starts with getting acquainted over a good cup of coffee!


Send me a note and we'll set up a time for either a phone conversation or to meet in person.


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Thanks for reaching out. We will respond within 24 hrs.

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