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  • Rick Blythe

Selecting a CRM

Yes, there are too many choices, but this basic strategy can help you filter them.

It's about you, not them

It is easy to get caught up in the latest technology and newest software features. Automated-this, AI-that. But you look at your industry and processes first.

Find the best fit

Ask yourself...

  • How is your industry organized? Do a few companies own lots of locations or do a lot of companies own few locations? Do multiple companies collaborate on single projects? If so, the typical CRM may not meet your needs.

  • What reports do you need? Start with the end in mind. If you are clear about the 6-8 key reports you need to manage your business, then you can make certain you have the right fields and data structure from the beginning.

  • How do you want to communicate with my customers? Will you be running email campaigns, direct mail, telephone marketing, SEO/SEM? You want to make sure the CRM has the capability to handle those channels

  • What other software do you want my CRM to integrate with? QuickBooks, Mailchimp or other marketing tools are all more helpful when they both pull information from a CRM and return information to it.

Having clear answers to these questions will allow you to filter out 90% of the CRM applications which will not meet your needs, no matter how flashy they are!

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